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Run all your marketing analytics with a single click.

Right inside your spreadsheets.

Get your marketing, sales, operations, and finance data into your Google spreadsheet. Save your analysis and recreate it with one click.

  • Connect to Hubspot, Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, and even other GSheets.
  • Save your analysis and run them on a single-click.
  • Get access to proprietary data without separate subscriptions.

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How it works.

Add connections

Click a button to add all your data sources. Or add your own spreadsheets as data sources.

Query data

Import data from your internal data sources or query our proprietary data sources.

Save for future use

Save your queries as "Hops", and run them on demand with a single click.

Working with data today is frustrating.

copy paste data

Copy-pasting data across systems.

Downloading CSV files from multiple platforms can cost you as much as one day a week!


Repeating your analysis every week.

Preparing your analysis after a full day of work, only to repeat it all next week!

too much data

Lot of data, but nothing useful.

It's frustrating when you collect data from all your sources, only to find they don't talk to each other.


No time to learn programming.

You don't work in business intelligence, so why learn SQL?

ad hoc requests

Ad-hoc data requests from teams.

Wouldn't it be cool to have the teams do their own analysis with one click instead?


Expensive BI tools.

BI tools are not for everyone, especially if you can't afford a BI team to go with it.

Single source of truth for your teams

Connect your analysis to live data from all your sources and make sure all your teams are looking at the same numbers. Speed up your decision-making without worrying about the data.

Who is it for?

For non-technical business users who need to make fast decisions with data... but aren't data analysts themselves. It's for you if you don't want to learn complex spreadsheet formulas, SQL querying, or data parsing techniques.

Marketing teams

  • Analyze marketing data across ad channels.
  • Access a single source of truth from any Gsheet.
  • No code, no dependency on BI teams.

Sales and Recruiting teams

  • Find prospects and candidates in bulk.
  • Analyze sales data from your CRM.
  • Save 4 hours/week on prospecting.

Export data from your favorite systems at the click of a button.

No more downloading CSVs from Hubspot, Google Analytics, Shopify, and your favorite ad channels. We standardize the data behind the scenes, so you can combine data without wasting time cleaning it yourself.

Lookup data from external websites

Connect to our proprietary connections to enrich your spreadsheet with data from LinkedIn. No need to subscribe to multiple services to manage your sales and recruiting workflow.

  • Find leads for your business, right within your spreadsheet.
  • Find candidates from their key skillsets.
  • Find business contact details of your shortlisted leads.

One-click analysis

Save your analysis as a Hop and run it from any spreadsheet with a single click. Never repeat the same work again.

How our users use Airboxr

person using black laptop computer

Combine data across Google Sheets without formulas.

Use Airboxr as your central command center. Simply paste your GSheets link on to Airboxr and access all your data from within any GSheet.

woman in white long sleeve shirt sitting on red and brown couch

Find LinkedIn profiles using a simple search interface.

Use Airboxr's People Search to prospect for leads. Just type in your search parameters and get 100's of leads into your spreadsheet.

man wearing headphones while sitting on chair in front of MacBook

Create and save Hubspot reports through an interactive UI.

Import, filter, and summarize Hubspot data from within any spreadsheet. Then save your analysis and run them on one click whenever you want.

What users say about us.

Airboxr has simplified analysis, saving me and my team hours every week. I highly recommend it.

Shobhit Datta

Cofounder and CMO, Singapore

Working at a tech firm, I need to copy and paste a lot of data among different sheets and Airboxr definitely makes that process easier and faster.

Lily Gao

Product Manager, Singapore

Been using Airboxr for the last 3 months and it's freaking mind blowing. In love with their people search feature. As a recruiter, this saves me at least 8 hours a week.

Pranay Singh

Head of Sourcing, Singapore

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